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​Are you a player who wants to improve? Do want to go to the next level? 

You need to decide why you are going to a basketball camp.

Is it to have fun? Is it to improve on Basketball Skills? Is it to get exposure?

We designed different programs for developing youth and professional basketball players. Our programs offer focused training and development opportunities at all levels from general to position specific. This ensures that you can choose the optimal program to enhance your basketball skills.


We will also stress these important areas.

We strive to teach each participant so each will have a better understanding of:

  1. How you become a better team player

  2. How to play to your maximum of 100%

  3. How to play the game but be unselfish

  4. How to strive to be the best you can be

  5. How success is different for each individual player

  6. What it takes to be a pro player in Europe

  7. How to be a winner no matter what the score may be

  8. Keeping a positive attitude

  9. How the game is to be played

  10. The rules of the game


We will focus on improving fundamental basketball skills daily. This is the foundation on which all great players are established. We will show you which aspects we focus more in Spain and Europe.

The skills are:

  1. Proper footwork 

  2. Technical and Tactical aspects

  3. Shooting

  4. Dribbling & ball-handling

  5. Passing

  6. Rebounding

  7. Defense & Offense

  8. Team work

  9. 5x5 aspects - ball movement


2023 - Summer Camp - (no schedule yet)

2023 - Easter Camp - (no schedule yet)

*Would you like to book personal trainig, small groups or team trainig?


2023 - (11th - 14th April) - International Small Group Training (under confirmation)

2023 - (30th May - 3rd June) - International (England/Poland) Personal Training

2023 - (7th - 11th August) - International Small Group Training (under confirmation)

2023 - (2nd - 6th October) - International Team Training (under confirmation)

2023 - (20th - 23th February) - Personal Training (Sweden)

2023 - (21th - 24th February) - Small Group Training (Germany)

2023 - (13th - 17th February) - Personal Training (England/Poland)

Last events

2022 - (25th - 29th July) International (Romania) Small Group Training

2022 - (1st - 5th March) International (Germany) Small Group Training

2021 - (1st-5th August) International (Netherlands) Personal Training

2020/21 Calendar Cancelled "COVID-19"

2019 - (27th July - 1st August) England​​

2019 - (23rd-26th) April *IV Easter Basketball Camp Spain​

2019 - (18th - 20th) January *Team Training - Romania​

2019 - (2nd-4th)  January *Mini Basketball Camp  Spain​

2018 - (26th-27th) December *I Shooting Camp Spain​

​2018 - (4th-5th) April *II International Coaching Clinic ​

2018 - (3rd-7th) April *III Easter Basketball Camp​

2017 - (3rd -14th) July *I Summer Basketball Camp​

2017 - (7-8-9) June *Exposure Event / Pro Training​

2017 - (18th- 22th) April *II Easter Basketball Camp​

2017 - (18-19-20) April *I International Coaching Clinic

2016 - (29th March to 2st April) *I Easter Basketball Camp

"Event dates, times, venues and subject matter, which are listed into the wall, are subject to change. It is up to you to verify the most recent changes"​

During the last years we ´ve had in our camps players coming from United States, England, Ireland, Romania, Scotland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Rusia, Ucrania, Germany, Holand, France and from all around Spain.

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"Non Residential or Residential Option" Contact us for pricing information!​

We can organize accommodation and transport for foreign youth and elite players, offering different "packages" depending on your interest for having a great life experience with us.