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Christian Crudeli | Spain

Professional Basketball Coach

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CC Basketball Academy is created by Coach Christian Crudeli with the aim to transmit his knowledge and experiences to players around the world. He wants to coach, mentor, teach, lead and inspire young people and pro players on their basketball careers.

He has designed different types of basketball programs for developing youth and professional basketball players. Our programs offer focused training and development opportunities at all levels. This ensures that you can choose the optimal program to enhance your basketball skills.


We combine skill development and team training in a highly intense atmosphere to simulate the quality of play necessary to be successful at the professional level. Whatever your aspirations may be, our academy will provide you with the opportunity to maximize your abilities both on and off the court.

We offer individual training programs, small groups or team practices for clubs or academies and different basketball camps for all levels, like youth summer camps or for professionals (exposure camps, try-outs) who wants to find new experiences and contacts for the future.


Valencia, Spain                                                                                                                                                                                

We are based in Valencia, Spain and working all around Europe and USA.
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