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2021 Basketball Camps & Events!

Updated: Oct 22

📌If you are a GManager / Camp Owner/ Director who would like to hire Coach Crudeli for your program or for organizing a Basketball Camp or a Coaching Clinic, don´t hesitate to contact us!

📌If you are a Basketball player interested in our programs here you have our email for sending your request

Are you a player who wants to improve?

Do want to go to the next level? 
You need to decide why you are going to a basketball camp.
Is it to have fun? Is it to improve on Basketball Skills? Is it to get exposure?

CC Basketball Academy has designed different types of Basketball programs for developing youth and professional basketball players. Our programs offer focused training and development opportunities at all levels from general to position specific. This ensures that you can choose the optimal program to enhance your basketball skills.It is our commitment to make everyone who attends to our camps not just better players, but better people. We offer a life experience for those who comes to our camps and programs.

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