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NCAA Howard College Basketball

17th August 2019 I had the opportunity to meet Howard College Basketball team on their Spanish Tour. It was great to meet and talk with Head Coach Kenneth Blakeney before the game.

As I explained to the coaching staff, both teams were on different moments of the season.

Howard on preseason tour, building the team as a group and also on technical and tactical aspects meanwhile Spanish players were on holidays.

In Spain we normally finish the season end of May and we are back to work end of August so the difference during this kind of games is unreal. Anyway, It´s a life experience for both teams and a great opportunity to meet new basketball people, building new relantionships for the future so as every summer I invited pro players from EBA, LEB Gold and Silver leagues to make a selection team to play vs the Americans.

Coach Christian Crudeli & Coach Kenneth Blakeney

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