Christian Crudeli

Christian Crudeli

Basketball Coach

About me

FIBA Basketball Coach

FEB Coaching Certification (Spain)

Euroleague Head Coaches Board Academy

16x seasons coaching in Spain

13 countries at camps, procamps, events

- 16x Seasons Professional Basketball Coach

- Men's Basketball at LEB Silver & EBA League

- Experience as Head Coach

- Experience as Assistant Coach / Scout

- Development Director

- Experience at Youth Program

- U18 | U16 Teams - Head Coach

- Coaching players at all levels from 5 continents (Pros & Youth)

- Player Development Coach, Elite Training

- Scout in Europe for clubs or College Basketball in USA

- Conducted Camps for players and Clinics for coaches on 13 countries:


(USA, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Italy, England, Wales, Romania, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Estonia)

- Coaches Clinic #JrNBALatam (2021)

- CC Academy Owner in Spain

Running programs for Youth and Pros; Elite Training, Camps, Coaching Clinics, etc.

Christian Crudeli 2021-22

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As a part of the worldwide basketball coaches community Coach Crudeli created a space for sharing information about our sport.


Coaching clinics, training sessions, workouts, camps, webinars and a lot information who can help you to develop your knowledge of the game of basketball.

Are you willing to learn?

You are in the right place! 

You will have access to drills and videos from his book "My Basketball - development fundamentals" .

Free access for subscribers, book readers or premium access on demand until cancelled. If you have any doubt don´t hesitate to contact us!


Free access to a lot material, exclusive content for book readers and also premium content! all in the same place! Chose you option

- Coaching Clinics in Spanish & English


2021 - JrNBA #Latam Coaches Clinic: Desarrollo de un Juego Libre

2021 - Construccion de la Transicion Defensiva - España

2020 - Desarrollo de Fundamentos - Mexico

2020 - La formacion en Baloncesto - Argentina

2020 - Building a Motion Offense - USA

2020 - Technical & Tactical Drills - USA

2018 - Ejercicios Defensivos en formacion - España

2018 - Bateria de ejercicios Tecnico/Tacticos - España

2018 - Clinic Tecnificacion del Tiro - España

2017 - Ruedas Tecnico/Tacticos para Fundamentos - España

- Training sessions - Men´s Basketball Team EBA League Spain

- Up 300 drills from Coach Crudeli´s New Book!

- Individual workout sessions, etc...

- FIBA favourites Coaching Clinics and more...