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Christian Crudeli

Christian Crudeli

Basketball Coach

18x seasons Spain
11 countries Europe & USA
Global Basketball Clinician

NCAA Games

Personal Training, Groups, Camps


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My Basketball - Development Fundamentals.jpg

Book: My Basketball, Development Fundamentals

The international basketball coach presents his book with the goal to share his experiences, ideas and coaching philosophy during the last years with his teams.

A book where you can find a lot of content, a good selection is important so the reader will find around three hundreds drills for improving on basketball fundamentals – Dribbling and ball handling, passing, shooting, technical & tactical wheels and also steps for building a motion offense.

We want to invite the reader to find a book which reflects thehy coaching philosophy and experiences, for creating new ideas and drills that you can adapt to your players and teams.

Welcome to my book

My Basketball – Development Fundamentals

Coaches from 32 countries already has the book. Soft cover or digital ebook epub! What do you prefer?

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