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I would like to present my book called "My Basketball - Development Fundamentals"  for sharing my coaching philosophy and drills with coaches worldwide.


You will find my favourite drills for working on dribbling, passing, shooting, tecnical/tactical wheels and a guideline for building a motion offense. Near 300 drills for improving on basketball fundamentals with images and videos for a better understanding.

Coaches on 26 countries have the book:

Argentina, Mexico, Brasil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Perú, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom, Rumania, Macedonia, Lithuania, Germany, Holland, Greece y Japan.

Christian Crudeli


Christian Crudeli


Professional basketball coach with 18 seasons coaching experience in Spain with men´s teams at LEB and EBA League, U18, U16 teams and also experiences on 11 countries in Europe and USA conducted camps, clinics and training players from 5 continents. Also running coaching clinics for south American countries like Argentina or Mexico.

I have been in countries like United States, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Switzerland, Romania, Estonia or Slovakia running clinics & workouts in summer camps and pro camps for advanced players from pro divisions in Europe or NCAA.

Product details

  • Editorial : ‎ Letrame S.L.; N.º 1 edición (19 march 2021)

  • Language ‏: ‎ Spanish

  • Soft cover ‏: ‎ 266 pages

  • ISBN-10 ‏: ‎ 841386271X

  • ISBN-13 ‏: ‎ 978-8413862712

  • Weight ‏: ‎ 370 g

  • Dimensions ‏: ‎ 15.24 x 1.7 x 22.86 cm

  • ​Sale price: Ebook 9 euros / Soft cover 18 euros

Libro Christian Crudeli

You can find the book at libraries in your city or at worldwide platforms. The " E-book" is available on this web! If you have any issue send us your commnents to

Selling platforms worldwide

1. Amazon (ver)

2. Mercado Libre

3. Mandrake Libros - Argentina (ver)

4. Cuspide - Argentina (ver)

5. Libreriadelau - Colombia (ver)

6. Gonvill Libreria - Mexico (ver)

7. Librerias Gandhi - Mexico (ver)

8. BookDepository - Mundo (ver)

9. Casa del Libro - España (ver)

10. Fnac - España (ver)

11. Agapea - España (ver)

12. Crisol Libros - Peru (ver)

This edition is written in "spanish" language but you don´t need a hard translation because each drill include images and videos. After getting the book you will have access to  free content on "Coaches Corner" where you will find the drills and lot of information in english and spanish for developing your knowledge of the game.

Yes! for those who buy the book will get access to watch the videos from coach crudeli training sessions and a lot

of information who can help you to develop your knowledge of the game.