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I would like to present my book called

"My Basketball - Development Fundamentals" 

for sharing my coaching philosophy and drills with coaches worldwide.


You will find my favourite drills for working on dribbling, passing, shooting, tecnical/tactical wheels and a guideline for building a motion offense.

This first edition is written in spanish language but you don´t need a hard translation because each drill include images and videos for a better understanding. We are working on the english version.

After getting the book you will have access to premium content on "Coaches Corner" where you will find the drills and lot of information

in english and spanish for developing your knowledge of the game.


Sale price: 18 euros

You can find the book  since "February" at libraries in your city or at worldwide platforms. The " E-book" will be also available!

Are you looking to buy it at the presale?

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Mail: mibaloncestolibro@gmail.com

What can I find?



You will find coach crudeli´s favourite drills, explaining the goal and a short description on each of them.

+ 250 drills for improving on basketball fundamentals with images and videos for a better understanding.


Yes! for those who buy the book will get access to watch the videos from coach crudeli training sessions and a lot

of information who can help you to develop your knowledge of the game.

You will get free access (1 month)  to premium content

at "Coaches Corner" page.

You can buy the book or digital E-book thru worldwide platforms.

If you have any doubt don´t hesitate con contact us!

Book Index

Chapter 1


- Ball handling and dribbling drills

Chapter 2


- Passing drills

Chapter 3


- Shooting drills

Chapter 4


- Technical / Tactical wheels

Chapter 5

- Steps for building a motion offense

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