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Team Training - Christian Crudeli



Valencia, Spain

The small group training or the team option are customized to the specific needs of the groups or teams.

The sessions are 60/90 min designed to help players with the basketball fundamentals

  • For youth & pro players

  • Small groups

  • Team Training​

Group training (2-6 players)

Team Training (7-15 players)

​If you are coming to Valencia, we can organize your "training sessions" in different facilities. We normally run this practices in "Alqueria Valencia" which is one of the top facilities in Europe.


*You can book this programs during the season or post-season and also on demad all around Europe and USA.

Coach Crudeli can travel to your country and we can organize your group or team training, partnering with local clubs, directors, coaches and federations who wants to set quality programs with their organizations.

For any inquiries, (rates and availability) don´t hesitate to contact us by email or you can ask for a zoom meeting.

Group Training
Team Training


Would you like to come for small group training or Team Training? 

2023 - (11th - 14th April) - International Small Group Training (under confirmation)

2023 - (30th May - 3rd June) - International (England/Poland) Personal Training

2023 - (7th - 11th August) - International Small Group Training (under confirmation)

2023 - (2nd - 6th October) - International Team Training (under confirmation)

Last Events

2023 - (20th - 23th Februay) - International (Sweden) Personal Training

2023 - (21st - 24th Februay) - International (Germany) Small Group Training

2023 - (13th - 17th Februay) - International (England/Poland) Personal Training

2022 - (25th - 29th July) International (Romania) Small Group Training

2022 - (1st - 5th March) International (Germany) Small Group Training

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