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Spain National Team - Christian Crudeli

Dedicated basketball coach with a passion for player development and a proven track record of success at both the youth and men´s pro levels. Bringing near two decades of coaching experience, I am committed to instilling a winning mentality, fostering teamwork, and nurturing the individual growth of players.


Known for implementing strategic game plans, emphasizing skill development, and building strong mentorship relationships. Eager to contribute my expertise, leadership, and enthusiasm to elevate the performance and success of a dynamic basketball program.

🏀FIBA Licensed Coach
🏀FEB Spanish Level 3 Licensed Coach
👨‍🎓Euroleague Head Coaches Board Academy "1st Generation" 2020/21

👨‍🎓Euroleague Head Coaches Board Congress 2023

👨‍🎓USA Basketball Gold License Certification

👨‍🎓Master Sport Management
👨‍🎓Strength & Conditioning Coach
📚 Author: "My Basketball - Development Fundamentals" (2023 English)

📚 Author: "Mi Baloncesto - Desarrollo de Fundamentos" (2021 Spanish)


🏀Summer 24 - Intern with Coach Sergio Scariolo & his coaching staff "Spain National Basketball Team", during the preparation stage (Malaga, Madrid, Alicante) and the FIBA Pre-Olympics Qualification Tournament in Valencia. Chosen by the Euroleague Head Coaches Board Academy. (photos)

- 19x Seasons Professional Basketball Coach in Spain

- Men's Basketball at LEB Silver League & EBA League

- Experience as Head Coach

- Experience as Assistant Coach / Scouting / Video Coordinator

- Development Director

- Experience at Youth Program

- U18 | U16 Teams - Head Coach

- Coaching players at all levels from 5 continents (Pros & Youth)
- Player Development Coach, Elite Training
- Scout in Europe for clubs or College Basketball in USA

- Conducted Camps for players and Clinics for coaches on 13 countries (USA, Spain, Italy, England, Wales, Romania, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Estonia, Argentina & Mexico)

- Coaches Clinic #JrNBALatam (2021)

- Director/Head Coach - CC Basketball Academy #Spain
Running programs for Youth and Pros; Elite Train
ing, Camps, Coaching Clinics, etc.

- Team Hosting NCAA Teams (Arkansas "Razorkacks" University Div 1, Boston University Div 1, West Virginia Div 1, Howard University Div 1, Rice Owls Univer
sity Div 1, Stony Brook University Div 1, Rutgers University Div 1, NCAA Div 1,2,3 Combine, European Academies)

- Former Basketball Player in Argentina (Bahia Blanca & Mar del Plata)


Leadership: Demonstrated ability to lead and inspire teams to achieve both individual and collective goals. Adept at making strategic decisions under pressure and providing a clear vision for team success.

Communication: Exceptional communication skills, both on and off the court. Proven ability to convey complex strategies in a clear and concise manner. Effective in fostering open dialogue with players, staff, and stakeholders.

Team Building: Skilled in creating a positive and cohesive team culture. Successful in bringing together diverse personalities to form a unified and motivated team. Emphasizes collaboration, trust, and camaraderie among players and staff.

Player Development: Proven track record of enhancing player skills, performance, and overall development. Tailors coaching strategies to individual strengths and areas for improvement. Committed to nurturing the full potential of each athlete.

Technical Coaching Skills: In-depth knowledge of basketball fundamentals, strategies, and game dynamics. Proficient in analyzing player performance, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing targeted training programs. Stay current with the latest coaching methodologies and innovations.

These skills collectively contribute to my holistic coaching approach, ensuring not only the tactical and technical aspects of the game are addressed but also the personal and professional growth of each player and the overall success of the team.

More about me

Christian was born on 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 5 he began to play basketball in Bahia Blanca which is considerated the basketball city of the country.


He began his career as a basketball player and going through all the categories at the historic Estudiantes Club. He got many achievements individually and in groups.

In 2004 he moved to Spain and he left being a player for continuing as a coach and with the objective to transmit his knowledges and experiences getting through the years.


He studied with the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) for getting the highest coaching certification in the country and the FIBA License. He is also a (PTS) Personal Trainer Specialist, (P-SCE) "Periodization, Strength & Conditioning Expert" and  he has a Master in Sport Management. ​In 2020/21 he studied 8 months with the EHCB - Euroleague Head Coaches Board Academy being part of the 1st Generation of this program.

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