Born: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Birthday: 08/12/1979

Passport: Italian/Argentinian

Location: In Spain since 2004

Christian Crudeli

  • FIBA Licensed Coach

  • FEB Coaching certification

  • P-SCE Strength coach

  • PTS Personal trainer specialist

  • Master Sport Management

Coaching experience

  • Head men´s basketball coach #Spain

  • Head coach youth teams

  • Development director

  • Elite training

  • International scouting

  • International consultant

  • Clinician at camps, pro camps

  • Owner CC basketball academy

International experience:

United States, Lithuania, Germany, Estonia, Slovakia, England, Wales, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Spain and also online coaching clinics for Mexico and Argentina.

Christian Crudeli is a professional basketball coach with a lot of experience in the basketball environment. He got it over the years in different countries as a coach, scout, clinician, consultant, running clinics and workouts for players at all levels from all over the world.

During the last 16 years he has been working as coach & scout, with senior pro teams and youth divisions in Spain.

Thanks to his knowledge and the passion that he shows for basketball he is often hired as a head coach at basketball camps, pro camps for running coaching clinics and training sessions, working with coaches from all over the world.


Over the years he specialized in technical and tactical skills for players at all levels, from the beginners to the professional level, as well as athletes. He also provides consulting to coaches regarding playbook, scouting, video, and game planning. 


Founder of "CC Basketball Academy" with the aim to transmit his knowledge and experiences to players around the world. He wants to coach, mentor, teach, lead and inspire young people and pro players on their basketball careers.

Christian was born on 1979 in Buenos Aires, Argentina *Passports (Argentinian/Italian). At the age of 5 he began to play basketball in Bahia Blanca which is considerated the basketball city of the country.


He began his career as a basketball player and going through all the categories at the historic Estudiantes Club. He got many achievements individually and in groups.

In 2004 he moved to Spain and he left being a player for continuing as a coach and with the objective to transmit his knowledges and experiences getting through the years.


He studied with the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB) for getting the highest coaching certification in the country and the FIBA License. He is also a (PTS) Personal Trainer Specialist, (P-SCE) "Periodization, Strength & Conditioning Expert"and has a Master in Sport Management.

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Christian Crudeli | Spain

FIBA Basketball Coach